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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is an initiative to promote and maximise academic achievement and behavioural competence.  At Kooringal High School, PBL is a school-wide strategy that helps all students achieve important social and learning goals. We know that when good behaviour and good teaching come together, our students excel in their learning.

As part of our PBL program we have established several clear values and expectations framed around the three universals of Respect, Responsibility & Excellence. These expectations are the basis for the behaviour that we expect in all areas of our school, and we explicitly teach these expectations to students. 

PBL strategies are used to improve school morale, classroom teaching time and student success, by applying consistent consequences and positive reinforcement for all students. By detailing expected behaviour and teaching in a positive way, we provide a common language for everyone in our school, including students, teachers, administration staff and our parents and caregivers. 

We believe that by helping students practise good behaviour, we will build a school community where all students have an environment where they respect themselves and others, accept responsibility to learn, strive for their personal best and enjoy their school experience.

The behavioural expectations for all students are clearly visible throughout our school, classrooms and playground. The ultimate goal of PBL is to allow every child reach their full potential through the combined efforts of the schools, parents, businesses, service providers and government agencies.

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