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Defence School Mentor

Mrs Jessie McCabe is Kooringal High School's Defence School Mentor – DSM. The role of the Defence School Mentor is to support Australian Defence Force (ADF) students and families during their time at Kooringal High School. The Defence School Mentor works to facilitate the best possible educational outcome for every ADF student by working with the students, their family, teachers, internal and external support services and community organisations.


Defence School Mentor priorities include but are not restricted to the following issues:

  • Support leading up to, during and after a deployment or other parental absence due to service commitments
  • Smoothing student transitions into and out of Kooringal High School
  • Raising awareness of mobility issues facing ADF families
  • Providing a contact between the school and ADF families
  • Support the day to day emotional and social well being of ADF students
  • Assisting students to develop resilience, coping skills, self confidence and positive relationships
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating individual support programs for ADF students
  • Facilitating student engagement in academic, sporting, cultural, artistic or interest programs both in the school and in the community


Students are welcome to drop into Mrs McCabe's office anytime Monday, Wednesday and Thursday  between 9:30am and 2:30pm.  The DSM is available at other times via appointment. Parents can make an appointment by contacting the office on (02)6922 5155. The DSM office is located in the Maths Block, opposite Room A01.