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Our Crest



The Kooringal High School crest was developed by the first Principal, Mr Frank Nethery, in consultation with the school community, and plays an important role in establishing who we are as a school and what values we believe in.  The symbols and implied meanings of our emblem represent our goal as a school community, yet more personally, reflect our surroundings which contribute to our unique identity.

The words of our school motto are quite powerful and outline our school's aim through education.  ‘Preserve, Conserve, Serve'.  Preserve the past, conserve the environment, serve the community.  These three simple words define our purpose in maintaining what we already have, protecting this for the future and, whilst doing this, carrying out service within our community.

The colours chosen for our emblem reflect the environment in which we live; blue being the limitless sky of the Riverina above us, yellow the wheat which grows around us and brown, the rich earth underneath us.

Lastly, symbols are portrayed on our crest, playing a vital role in supporting our motto and reinforcing the values we hold.

The sheaf and fleece occupy each side of the emblem, depicting the wheat and wool which the Riverina supplies and prides itself on.  There is also a star and a flame, representing the star of attainment and the torch of knowledge.  With this torch of knowledge, we can all achieve the goals and objectives we set out both individually, or together as a school community.

Knowledge and attainment are at the centre of our crest, a reflection of their strong position in the values of Kooringal High School.

            - Briana Grant, Vice-Captain 2013