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Message from Mr Bryant, School Principal - Sunday 5 April

06 Apr 2020

Good evening KHS students and families,

I thought I would provide you an update as we head into our last week of Term 1.

Online Learning:

I know it has been a steep learning curve for families and staff as we have moved into the world of online learning. I would like to thank the many families who have been able to facilitate this at home. Each day we have been able to minimise the number of students and staff on site which helps considerably with social distancing. We are now down to essential workers children and the minimum staff required to facilitate supervision and I would continue to encourage families who are able to keep their children at home to do so. As I get further advice, I will continue to update the community.

If you have any issues with your online learning, I would encourage you to please contact the school. If it is a specific class issue, I would recommend contacting your child’s teacher for that subject just as you normally would. If it is a broader issue, I would recommend their Year Advisor or Deputy Principal. The best way to do this is via email to the KHS email address and attention it to the person you wish to receive it. Alternatively, you can phone the office, however as many staff are now working off site, I would recommend email and our office staff will ensure it gets to the right person.

I would also ask families to be patient during this time. This has been a very swift change for both the students and staff. The most important thing now is for us to remain connected and continue with learning as best we can. We will be looking this week at how we can improve what we are doing for Term 2.

Year 11/12 update:

Last week the NESA Board met again to discuss the 2020 HSC. At this meeting the NESA Board agreed to:

Give Principals and system authorities the power to determine the number, type and weighting of tasks for Year 11 school-based assessment, in line with the decision communicated last week for HSC students.

Lift the requirement for VET students to undertake NESA work placements

Cancel mandatory group performance exam in Drama and the mandatory ensemble performance exam in Music Extension.

Modify other performance exams that breach social distancing requirements.

Although this will impact many students at KHS, the school will be taking all measures within its power to ensure that our students have the best opportunities to succeed. The Board is also meeting this week to discuss HSC major projects along with other agenda items. Furthermore, we are continuing to wait for advice on those students doing group performances for Music 1.

Our advice is for students to continue working on their assessments, major works and HSC performances as best they can during this difficult time and contact your teachers if you need support or advice.

Term 2:

At this time, the advice is that the current arrangement will continue into Term 2. The goal for our team this week is to start considering what this looks like as a school with the main aim being to look at how we can improve on what we have done this term. It is vitally important for all our students to be engaging in the online learning and staff will be following up with students who have not yet been involved in order to assist with any barriers that families may have.


Whilst continuity of education is important, student wellbeing is also vitally important. We know it is easy for both our students and staff to be feeling disconnected and therefore our welfare team has created a KHS student support Facebook page. Students can use this page to connect with staff for wellbeing support as well as joining in with competitions and quizzes aimed at keeping our students engaged with school. Alternatively, if you child does not have Facebook, we would encourage yourself to join the group or contact the school via email or phone if you need support. Our welfare team, including school counsellor, are still working hard in supporting our students daily. We are also continuing our well being phone call to all families.

As always, we are here to help. I wish you the best for the week ahead. Stay safe.

Kyle Bryant