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School Rules

Consistent with our values, the Kooringal High School Community has developed four school rules to be followed by all students.

Strongly endorsed by parents, students and staff in 2008 the rules and their values are:



      Students Should:

Consistently do your best.


  • Be focused and engaged
  • See excellence as a process
  • Apply themselves diligently at all times
  • Ask questions when unsure/Take pride in their work and do the best they can
  • Actively participate
  • Complete all tasks and be accepting of feedback
  • Take pride in their work and perservere at tasks
  • Aim to better performance
  • Redo work that is not up to an acceptable standard

Be polite and courteous to all.

and Fairness

  • Use manners - Please, Thank you, Excuse me, Mr. Mrs. _______, listen to others, no swearing.
  • Respect the speaker
  • Always use appropriate language
  • Accept correction of their behaviour
  • Use polite language and behaviour at all times
  • Be friendly and polite
  • Use a respectful tone when speaking to others
  • Solve disagreements with respectful language in all environments

Follow instructions.


  • Listen to instructions from teachers
  • Be prompt and positive
  • Listen attentively
  • Be prepared for work
  • Show a willingness to follow instructions promptly
  • Be trustworthy to follow instructions once given
  • Follow safety rules
  • Ensure adequate onganisation and be prepared for the lesson
  • Be on task and on time
  • Stop, listen, be attentive
  • Accept instruction without challenging

Be a responsible person.


  • Take ownership of their learning
  • Allow others to learn
  • Have all necessary equipment and respect all property
  • Focus on task and not distract others
  • Care for the school environment and equipment
  • Behave safely
  • Be prepared for school and be ready for learning
  • Be proactive with their learning
  • Take responsibility for their own education
  • Be prepared to learn
  • Meet deadlines
  • Discuss issues/problems with their teacher before task is due
  • Show respect for the school environment

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